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Welcome to AOTA.net, home away from home for site owners that trust their hosting needs to FutureQuest® . Within this site you will be able to automagically create the HTML code needed for mail forms, counters, clocks, dates, menu redirections, and meta tags. Additionally you will find many helpful tutorials for getting started with Internet development, documentation for many of the scripts and programs we run on the server and even find free tools to download to help you along the way!

AOTA.net is ALWAYS a work in progress. This site will forever be updated to include new things as they arrive and as we have time to write up the documentation and tools for them. Feel free to make a donation to AOTA.net at any time by emailing your helpful information to Service@FutureQuest.net

What does AOTA stand for? The nature of this Web site seems to cover All Of The Above. As such.. AOTA.net it is.

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